Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/07/19

Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast on your iPhone, the Apple-sanctioned way

there may be a couple ways of doing this, but i’m going to focus on the App called Tuner. you’ll find it in the music section, and it’s the mature successor to the iRadio app which i cracked out with a while back

i believe that the App itself uses the same station selections as the Radio section on iTunes. S E B is not listed there unfortunately. *sigh*. it’s defintely a top-tier-listenership numbers thing. Ambient music, and moreso my quirky take on it — featuring ms. Fitzgerald, mr. Crowley, and long empty spaces — doesn’t quite have that mass market appeal :)

however, all is well! Tuner has an [ Open… ] option that fits the bill. you can find it on any page except Bookmarks. you can enter the playlist script:


for me, those works great. the shortcut too, though it doesn’t launch properly from Firefox. if that shortcut starts taking you somewhere other than S E B, please let me know

if they playlist URLs doesn’t work for you, try entering a stream host. please choose one of the following … the IPs are easier to type, but they may change or go away over time:

  • (US, primary)
  • (US, primary, new as of 02008-Aug-01, as above by IP)
  • (US)
  • (EU)
  • (EU, as above by IP)


don’t even give it a Title. the App will hit the server and derive that automatically. once it’s playing, create a Bookmark for the station

the player itself works like a dream. they’ve really improved the overall experience. the streams are much more sustained, and it has all the features you’d want in a starter product, including an indepenent volume control

i only wish it provided the full Shoutcast YP listings like its primitive (yet charming) ancestor

happy listening, sleepy-heads !

UPDATED: the IP address of my primary streaming server has changed. please see the note in green above



  1. […] Environmental Broadcast on your iPhone / iTouch this post has been superceded, as of iPhone OS […]

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh… I am a happy carbon-based lifeform. I finally have Mobile Sleepbot on an iGadget. Many, Many thanks for the tips, Oh Great Streaming One!

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