Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/10/23

hooray for generative music iPhone apps!

who woulda guessed? the iPhone — with its sound & sampling & sweet UI capabilities — turns out to be a great platform for generative music applications

the two apps that i’m aware of now are:

Bloom, by Peter Chilvers & Brian Eno. much like Neroli, but endless. loops of algorithmically beautiful piano-ish notes ride bouyant upon low-end drones. interact with it via touch, or let it do all the composing for you. view the App info here

RJDJ, which output structured processed sampling loops made from the phone speaker. the music itself is very much in the Mininimal Techno vein. the more sonically active your environment, the more magical the experience. view the App info here, and more about the project here

as of this writing, the price for each is less than $5. there’s a free ‘single’ version of RJDJ which convinced me within a days’ use

both of these apps are awesome, and i hope it’s just the beginning of lovely things to come. i’ll leave it up to the Experts to brainstorm some new variations on this highly deserving theme



  1. […] Machine transcends your iPhone in prior posts, i’ve waxed rhapsodic about generative music apps, and how the iPhone platform is the perfect vehicle. well, Sherilyn […]

  2. Hi, one more for the the list of generative music apps for iPhone is Mixtikl 2, from Intermorphic.

    Mixtikl incorporates the Noatikl generative music engine, which itself is a new clean room build of the SSEYO Koan generative music engine used by Eno in his 1996 Generative Music 1 release.

    App store link is:

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