Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/10/25

ComputerLiebe for RJDJ

i had a very satisfying and intimate experience with RJDJ yesterday, a generative music app for the iPhone that i’ve recently mentioned

new accoutrements were needed for the homestead, and Ikea was the destination. so i plugged in with a set of closed-ear headphones, chose the WorldQuantizer algorithm, and walked me the reverse path straight to the downstairs bins

the app itself works best on short fricative sounds from the environment, and the WQ produces the most dreamy immersive minimal Techno beats. smart, too … it preserves some loops for long periods of time, or doesn’t play others more than once or twice after ingestion. ultimately it’s like having Ritchie Hawtin or half the lineup of Basic Channel composing from your pocket

of course, this was nothing compared to the psychedelic experience i was graced with during self-checkout. the kiosks have their speakers cranked up the sounds are all crisp mids & highs, most of which got slurped in and ricocheted back and forth in my head while i attempted to scan barcodes. absolutely phenomenal. the come-down was gentle too; it took about 30s of walking through less-bombastic spaces before the final echos of ‘one … item’ dissipated into generalized clicks and chatter

i got back into the parking structure, sat down in my car (ooh! keys jangle! ooh! car door opens!), grinning ear to ear — only to realize that i’d have to exit the app to blog about it. hence, you’re hearing about this a day late!

Sleepbot heartily endorses this fine consumer product


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