Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/12/07

on stage : Star Wars, and Walken’s Snowmiser

ahh. Saturday evening, and time to write it all down…

we opened Star Wars at The Dark Room on Friday, and our second show was tonite. there’s 6 more; Fri and Sat through the end of December, including the weekend after Xmas. we just gave a real good performance, and the place was packed. we’ve already seen nice promo press from SF Weekly, the Examiner, and the local press of The Onion. mikl_em has sprinkled us into Laughing Squid as well. and the show is 100% legit, licensed from LucasFilm and everything!

we’re also kicking back into rehearsals for Walken in a Winder Wonderland. that show will be performed B2B with Star Wars on the weekends of the 12th & 19th. i have the distinct pleasure of playing both Kris Kringle and a mis-guided elf, from those animated specials whose producers’ names shall remain unmentioned. it’s a delightful holiday meme mashup for the nostalgic child in all of us

Sean Owens, star of Snowmiser, made us a hilarious trailer for the show. thank you YouTube, it’ll have a longer life than the staged version itself, and deservedly so

and of course, to top it all off, there’s Santarchy. that will be one heck of a day, our stage being wherever the spirit of Santa is needed. could be a lot of places. some of them age-restricted. the pub crawl aspect of it is nice & all, but i’m always thinking of the little children

shows at The Dark Room are available at Brown Paper Tickets, $15 all shows. door cost is $20, and there should be a 2-for-1 going on for a full rich delightful evening of science fantasy and laughter if you come for both shows

UPDATE: SF Weekly published a brief review and a really nice slideshow after the first week’s performances of Star Wars.

UPDATE: Laughing Squid has dropped love on Snowmiser as well!

UPDATE: Subsequent reviews from The Examiner and SF Weekly give us all the low-budget praise that we so justly deserve.

UPDATE: Laughing Squid has posted a whole mess of photos from both Star Wars and Snowmiser. Oh, the sheer delight!

UPDATE: John Kinsella brought his sweet camera along on our Santa trek through the city and mounted the results as a Flickr set

peace! good times


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