Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/12/31

an Ounce of Prevention at an inopportune time

[ WARNING : includes shoegazing ]

so here I sit on New Years Eve in a triage room at UCSF Medical. apparently I have me a nasty absess (no URL necessary). sure, I could make it til morning, but tomorrow is New Years Day. so no doctor til Friday

what lovely timing

and as I wait here in an open-backed gown, iPhone in hand, I have plenty of time to collect my thoughts :)

at around 7:30p, I convinced myself that it’s best to deal with this now. not to wait 36 hours for it to get more systemic than it already has. lymph nodes, bloodstream, the usual suspects. no fever yet, only mildly nauseous, body-tired

but I am sooo going to pay out the wazoo for this. Emergency Room vs. HMO doctor is a big cost swing. that’s the heavy thing on my mind. and it ain’t an emergency … but there’s no other way to get timely care & anti-biotics

still. I remember a lesson from my youth about not dealing with your health in a timely fashion. if only Jim Henson had gone to the hospital in time, we might yet still be hearing Kermit’s lilting voice (rather than the sincere-yet-empty facimile we hear today)

rationalization. I know. totally different degree

anyway. time for some I & D with Doctor Marjorie. ta ta!



  1. What a way to spend New Year’s Eve! I hope you recover promptly and 2009 is better for you.
    Best wishes
    Maureen :)
    P.S. Great site too!

    • thank you, Maureen. i’m on the road to a speedy recovery riding a small cocktail of antibiotic horse pills!

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