Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2009/01/01

suh-weet! Ubiquity + PingFM in perfect union

Mozilla’s Ubiquity project is the best thing since sliced bread. it’s a command line for the web. download the plugin, learn the keyboard shortcut, and you’ll never go to ‘’ again. really nice shortcuts for Wikipedia, Google Maps, TinyURL and a lot of convenient services, with keyword completion

then there’s the Herd and Commands in the Wild, effectively a yum / gem / CPAN for scripts. I just picked up the PingFM mashup shortcut

PingFM made the great decision to give each user a secret API key. it’s not OpenID by any stretch, but you don’t have to reveal your password. grab it from the Application keys link under Services / Tools (, apply it to the ‘pingfm-key‘ shortcut, and then the ‘pingfm‘ shortcut does the posting aggregation for you. it just sends raw text, so the ‘@s’, ‘@m’ shortcodes work as well

so nice & convenient. much thanks to everyone involved in putting these things together!


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