Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2009/01/03

Buddha Machine transcends your iPhone

in prior posts, i’ve waxed rhapsodic about generative music apps, and how the iPhone platform is the perfect vehicle. well, Sherilyn clued me into this one …

the Buddha Machine, in its original analog form, is the creation of FM3. it’s simply plays back one of nine tone loops. not all of them are sleep-worthy, but several of them are definitely so

Robert Henke, of Monolake fame, released an album called Layering Buddha which features the space between the loops. the album itself leverages the generativity of the device, in that the fact that it’s analog tech, which means that it experiences both intermittent manufacturing flaws and natural entropy

of course the iPhone App is defect-free, every time. now, it seems a bit pricey for what is effectively less than 3 minutes of audio content. yet the App is a superlative white-noise generator, and that alone makes all the diff

and yes, it comes in multiple colors — just swipe from left-to-right. i chose Orange

PS: check out the online Wall. mix, match and layer your tones, just like the Godhead intended it


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