Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/10/23

hooray for generative music iPhone apps!

who woulda guessed? the iPhone — with its sound & sampling & sweet UI capabilities — turns out to be a great platform for generative music applications

the two apps that i’m aware of now are:

Bloom, by Peter Chilvers & Brian Eno. much like Neroli, but endless. loops of algorithmically beautiful piano-ish notes ride bouyant upon low-end drones. interact with it via touch, or let it do all the composing for you. view the App info here

RJDJ, which output structured processed sampling loops made from the phone speaker. the music itself is very much in the Mininimal Techno vein. the more sonically active your environment, the more magical the experience. view the App info here, and more about the project here

as of this writing, the price for each is less than $5. there’s a free ‘single’ version of RJDJ which convinced me within a days’ use

both of these apps are awesome, and i hope it’s just the beginning of lovely things to come. i’ll leave it up to the Experts to brainstorm some new variations on this highly deserving theme

Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/10/16

only two more weeks of Wicker Man action at The Dark Room

i’ve been very reticent about my most recent acting gig, The Wicker Man playing at The Dark Room, 2263 Mission Street, SF. we’re on stage tonight (Thu, Oct 16), and have a total of six more shows (thru Sat, Oct 25)

it’s a Rock Musical based sincerely upon the original 1973 verison of the film. no, not the more recent crap re-make which i won’t even honor with an IMDB link. short summary: a deeply Christian policeman is sent to an island full of happy sexy Pagans to investigate the disappearance of a young girl

there’s a ridiculous amount of talent associated with the show. it’s been great to work with these folks through 2 months of rehearsals and now the 4 weeks of performances

hope to see folks there! i’ll be the guy with the full beard, the one that won’t be covering his face by end-of-month, so see it while it’s hot

Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/10/16

new music launch : pre-Samhain mellowness

hey there, loyal listeners. more new music today:

if you want to see the playlist from today, it started at around 11:00a PST and will probably run until 6p. it’s only 7 hours of content *sigh* but worth all the effort:

many moments of bliss to you all

Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/09/01

oops! S E B tanked while i was on the Playa

just a quick shout out to all the S E B massive. the transmitter seems to have gone down at some point while I was at Burning Man. that’s where all your connectivity issues are coming from

we are fueling up our sparkling-clean RV in Fernley, NV so I hope to get my baby back up and running by end of day

your patience is appreciated. peace will return on the overnight

UPDATE: it didn’t even take that long! Apache logs had consumed all available drive space in my absence. cleaned and re-connected. please enjoy!

UPDATE to the UPDATE: okay yes, it did take that long. just re-started the transmitting server, and the listeners are beginning to return

Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/08/18

S E B is down, due to stream provider issues

the S E B stream is down and has been for more than a day. it’s not a permanant situation. i’m just waiting to find out when my stream hoster is going to get my master transmitter back online

if this is a longer-term issue i’ll cobble together a temporary solution, which requires coodination with Connecticut and France. i’ll avoid that until the time comes :)

thanks for your continued patience. in the meanwhile, i recommend Mixing of particulate solids radio 3 as great alternative station


okay, we’re good now. the streams are up and running again. *whew*

Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/08/14

new music launch : late Summer basking

boy, it’s been a while since i introduced some new tracks. but i wanted to get these out before i leave for the desert, so here goes…

new music launch today, 9h of nice warm fluffy swathes with beats and clicks, featuring:

* Listen Now *

if you want to see the playlist from today, it started at around 11:00a PST and will probably run until 6p:

and, as always, the pleasure is all mine…

Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/08/01

IP Address Change on the S E B Primary Server

yes, my hosting company (New Era Streaming) warned me this was coming, but i didn’t really pay attention. bleah

the IP address of the primary S E B server has changed, as of 02008-Aug-01. the new DNS entry is as follows. Shoutcast YP tends to resolve that to the physical IP regardless of what i do, but you can manually change your bookmark, etc:

  • (use this, preferably)


sorry about the interruption in your blissful peace-out & contentment. believe me, i’m having to make last-minute updates to config in several places. including my historical blog posts, which will now reflect the New Reality

resume your enjoyment!

Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/07/26

Learning from Hilde’s Mistakes, tomorrow at SF Theatre Fest

No Nude Men presents an absurd children’s fable tomorrow during the San Francisco Theatre Festival.  i have the distinct pleasure of playing two pivotal roles.  oh, deeply pivotal.  yes

and joy of joys, we get to put on the show twice

  • 1:00p
  • 3:30p


hooray !

the Festival itself takes place downtown near the Metreon (4th & Mission) at Yerba Beuna park.  i’ve been told we have some prime real-estate; the stage in front of the waterfall.  there’s about 8 total stages, and all of the shows run 30 minutes at the max.  today in the city was hella beautiful, and if it’s even half as nice tomorrow, it’ll be a great spectacle during some lunchtime sun-bathing for y’all

the play itself.  well.  hard to explain.  i’m reminded of the campiness of The Forbidden Zone, but it’s definitely a bit brainier.  it’s more Pee Wee speed.  kids’ll just eat it up, num num !

UPDATED: thank you Laughing Squid for this post on the new colorized version of the film

Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/07/19

farewell. you had the most beautiful hacks

good ol’ BrokeBak is going to @rhiannononon tomorrow. he’s been laid bare, ready for a bright future with another loving soul

though our time together was brief, he filled a void that i didn’t know i had

and his newer, sleeker replacement is no simple substitute. TreeGigna may be delightful, but she’s much blander. her flat black background, those out-of-the-box icons. i can’t peek at an Orchid Mantis behind my bright cartoony-lookin’ Apps, or the ubiquitous quilting control console. i can’t OpenSSH in to make a backup anymore. Jiggy‘s gone. and ms. Gigna doesn’t ask to be ‘awaken’d, plead ‘hungry’ on low power, or proclaim ‘*sat nam*’ when the timer goes off

BrokeBak, this is to you kid. you’re were the best

so keep up the good work. while i toss one back

is that part of what allows them to be free?

i don’t know. fun-ass web-tool wise, i’m generally a follower. i try to hop on the bandwagon early, but i ain’t out there cutting through the wilderness. maybe because i don’t like giving my contact information to everyone. even though i know that services crave that data for adopter / customer engagement, and that can be a good thing

old school, huh. i’m stupid in the face, you say

“so where are you getting at”, you add. okay, i’m getting there…

the Twinkle app was a great tool in Jailbroke-iTouch-Land. i loved the look, it was rich and engaging, and made the absolute most of the Twitter experience. a joy to use. and i’m brand loyal (perhaps a good side of being old-school)

now, in iPhone OS 2.0 land, i need to register with Tapulous. what? why?

sorry sorry, okay okay. yes, that’s the price i pay for freedom. rather, costlessness. alright. but there are other free client Apps out there that don’t require registration. and i’m not that loyal

still i’m curious. ultimately… is this a smart play on Tapulous’s part? will people buy in? i’m guessing that people who choose to micro-manage their identity distribution, aren’t really the Twitter demographic

more power to them if it works for them

on a related note, it seems there’s a nice little convoy of bandwagons going along now. Brightkite is still in invite-only mode. i don’t hear people talking that much about them these days. i reckon it’s all about FriendFeed, , and HelloTxt. they’re all open-access (though they require registration). i don’t understand the mystique of closed-beta land. though it’d make total sense from a scalability perspective

still. i joined the others. i gave up my Name to them, and Names have power

hypocrite, you say. pagan heretic. and then you wrap me in sack-cloth and cotton rope

why are you doing that?

there may be a couple ways of doing this, but i’m going to focus on the App called Tuner. you’ll find it in the music section, and it’s the mature successor to the iRadio app which i cracked out with a while back

i believe that the App itself uses the same station selections as the Radio section on iTunes. S E B is not listed there unfortunately. *sigh*. it’s defintely a top-tier-listenership numbers thing. Ambient music, and moreso my quirky take on it — featuring ms. Fitzgerald, mr. Crowley, and long empty spaces — doesn’t quite have that mass market appeal :)

however, all is well! Tuner has an [ Open… ] option that fits the bill. you can find it on any page except Bookmarks. you can enter the playlist script:


for me, those works great. the shortcut too, though it doesn’t launch properly from Firefox. if that shortcut starts taking you somewhere other than S E B, please let me know

if they playlist URLs doesn’t work for you, try entering a stream host. please choose one of the following … the IPs are easier to type, but they may change or go away over time:

  • (US, primary)
  • (US, primary, new as of 02008-Aug-01, as above by IP)
  • (US)
  • (EU)
  • (EU, as above by IP)


don’t even give it a Title. the App will hit the server and derive that automatically. once it’s playing, create a Bookmark for the station

the player itself works like a dream. they’ve really improved the overall experience. the streams are much more sustained, and it has all the features you’d want in a starter product, including an indepenent volume control

i only wish it provided the full Shoutcast YP listings like its primitive (yet charming) ancestor

happy listening, sleepy-heads !

UPDATED: the IP address of my primary streaming server has changed. please see the note in green above

Posted by: Sleepbot ZZ 0.94 | 2008/07/19

oh, gawd. i has a micro-blogging addition

or maybe it’s just an entrenched habit now

i’ve come to rely upon Twitter to instantaneously capture my mood.  i scrape the feed and persist it locally so that i’m comosing a ‘long-term’ platform-agnostic diary in the process

but now that the service has gone all FAILwhale’y, and i’m having such an intense weekend — what with my happy new iPhone 3G et. al. — i’m not able to capture it spontaneously.  isn’t that just such a weak-ass thing to bitch about, too ?  yah, i know !

so, here’s a summary (so far).  yes, i know this is very self-indulgent, but hear me out:

  • stayed awake until 4:30a getting Apps onto my phone. Tuner is a killer. i’ll blog soon
  • up at 8:30ish to take Jonesie to the vet. Jonesie is a healthy and slim 15 year-old kitty now. discovered that it costs a pretty penny to do blood work on a kitty like that
  • left my laptop at @sfstagewalker’s place last night. very nice party. met up with him this morning, took him over to Steve’s to wrap up cuts on the Sweetie Tanya tracks. Jonesie came along for the ride (not of choice). discovered that injection of a third party can change the nature of a budding friendship. long story, much more than 140chr in length
  • i have to be a keyboard this afternoon. *sigh*. no, honestly it sounds like fun! but it’s a three-hour time slot that would otherwise have been devoted to more iPhone App tweakin’ & consumin’
  • realized while re-reading this post that i’m feeling manic. i swear, i haven’t felt this way in a loooong time. wow. it’s a refreshing return to joys of old. i mean, if i’m gonna have a depressive side anyway, i totally deserve to have the counter-balance

wow. and it goes from there. seriously. intense 48 hours. some day i’ll look back on this sh!t and laugh myself silly

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